Those Useful Bridal Styling Tips! On the Way to A Perfect Wedding!

 wedding shoot idea

To have a perfect wedding is never an easy task. It takes time, effort and money! There are so many wedding blogs online that give useful tips. And today I am sharing with you some of the bridal styling secrets that I love – which combine wedding & fashion – for wedding day looks, engagement shoots, and bridesmaids!.

Styling your Wedding Look

luxury lace wedding dress 2014

The bride is definitely the focus of the wedding day.  It’s your Oscars Red Carpet, except that most of us only get one. The most important thing to keep in mind – whether you’re walking down the aisle or making your red carpet debut – is to consider the person inside the clothes. Your wedding day style should be a hypersaturated version of your everyday look, something that you will be comfortable in and feels like ‘you’, but a you on a day when every head turns your way.

bohemian wedding dress

classy short wedding dress look

Start with your personal style and build from there. Ultimately, your entire wedding should be a reflection of you and your soon-to-be-spouse, so your big day style should fit in with that scheme. Loose and relaxed boho, elegant and classic, chic and modern – your wedding styling should grow organically out of the looks you choose for yourself on a daily basis. Choose accessories in-line with your dress style to keep your look cohesive – more on that to come!

Styling your Engagement Look

Bohemian engagement photo shoot

The engagement shoot is where you have a chance to really cut loose with your style! Wedding days have certain expectations when it comes to fashion – chances are high that someone will be wearing a big, white dress – but all bets are off when it comes to the engagement. You’ll still want to dress and feel like yourself, but this is your chance to have some fun! If your taste runs to prints and patterns but you’d rather keep your wedding day look classic, the engagement session is the perfect time to bring them into play.

Vintage inspired engagement photo

Bohemian engagement photo shoot2

Incorporate elements of the look you envision for your wedding – if the big day will have a boho vibe, why not a pleated maxi dress with layered necklaces? If you’re rocking an A-line princess dress for the wedding, pick a flirty cocktail length frock with a little swing in the skirt. Short and sequined is the perfect prelude to a slinky, sparkling wedding dress!

Styling your Bridesmaids

boho mis&match bridesmaid dresses 2014

bohemian lace bridesmaid dresses 2014

One of my favorite trends for bridesmaids has to be the mix and match dresses. Letting your gals pick their own attire – with direction – is a surefire way to make them happy, and can ensure a stunning bridal party! The secret to a great bridesmaid look is to think of it the same way you approached your engagement look. Steer them towards a play on your overall wedding day style to keep things cohesive, but let each ‘maid pick a dress that’s the right fit for her body.

modern glam glittering bridesmaid dresses

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

glittering wedding shoes

There are some cardinal rules that both blogs live by – no matter how trendy it may be, something sheer will always look better lined, and nude shoes are the most boring punctuation to an outfit possible. If a taupe shoe fits in with your color scheme, pick something with an interesting shape – a strappy sandal or laser cut pump make for a gorgeous accent to your look, and you can never go wrong with a metallic. For my money, the best way to finish off your wedding day style is with a fabulously colored shoe!

red bowtie wedding shoes

It’s all in the details

Bohemian wedding hairstyle

Here’s where the real styling comes in – it’s not enough to just pick a really killer dress and call it a day. The key to a fabulously pulled together look is one that considers all of the elements – the hair and makeup, jewelry, and other accessories. Your dress should dictate the overall feel of the look since it’s the focal point, so keep pictures on hand when picking the rest of your pieces.

wedding back necklace

Use your accessories to elevate the story you are telling with your gown – loose waves may feel out of place with a ballgown, but we all know that a flowing skirt is a smash on the beach, so tie them together with a chunky gemstone necklace and dainty, brightly colored earrings to create a formal but breezy look. A sleek updo and vibrant lips pair best with a crisp, tailored gown, while drop earrings and a jeweled pendant provide tie in with the makeup.

dusty pink wedding dress beach

For a once-in-a-life event, every one deserves a perfect day. Hope these styling tips would do some help! What do you think?Share with me 😀


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