7 Most Beautiful Floral Wedding Dresses Ever!

Elie Saab floral wedding gown

All-white wedding dresses are not the only choice for modern brides. More and more brides tend to choose color accented wedding gowns to look different. For some daring brides, they’d rather choose a multi-colored floral wedding dress for the big day. I am sharing you today some most beautiful floral wedding dresses and some tips on how to perfectly wear them.

1. Opt for ball gown wedding dress style to add romance. Full skirts and florals are just spectacular. Choose a single hue from your blooms, like dusky pink for your bridesmaids dresses, while you can opt for mix and match styles, different colour dresses might look a little busy with your floral gown. Likewise, check the mothers of the bride and groom aren’t wearing clashing florals either, in case they look odd beside yours in the family photos.

pink floral wedding dress

To say it’s a beauty is a gross understatement to this gorgeous pink floral bridal gown! 

2. If you’re wearing a floral dress, (or any alternative wedding dress) you might want to check in with your groom if you’re not involved in his suit search – just in case he’s wearing a patterned shirt or tie that could clash.

blue flower print wedding dresses

Something blue…

3. To keep your look bridal, stick to watercolour hues, so your flowers look as though they’ve been painted on by a great master! And Petite brides should opt for smaller prints so that large flowers don’t overwhelm their figures.

floral mermaid wedding dressOh-so-beautiful mermaid style floral print wedding gown…

4. For fuller figures, all-over florals might not be flattering, keep them to the end of your skirt, and choose bigger blooms for a more complementary look.

China inpsired floral wedding dress

This beautiful gown proves that a bride needs no white dress to come to bear on her big day. The bride wears a beautiful blue eyed robes plus a fantastic stilettos. And the white veil round her outfit perfectly.

5. Keep the rest of your look simple, too much jewelry, long veils, or ornate hair accessories are inclined to look fussy with a patterned dress.

purple floral print wedding dress

Elegant floral wedding dress that stole the show on this occasion…

6. While they may not be in your budget, look to designers like Elie Saab or Marchesa for ideas on gorgeous floral wedding dresses.

Elie Saab floral wedding gown

What can I say? Elie Saab always stuns!


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